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Consulting and Cloud Enablement

Our Consulting and Cloud Enablement service assists businesses in navigating the complexities of cloud services and cybersecurity, providing expert guidance and support in developing a comprehensive strategy and its implementation and management.

We help enable enhanced productivity and efficiency and address evolving security threats toward SMBs.


Your Partner in your Cloud Journey 

Everleap provides 24/7 IT infrastructure vigilance, utilizing advanced monitoring tools to detect and address issues and regular system updates, backups, and efficiency enhancements.


Strategic Consulting Services

Expert advice on infrastructure optimization and network security, threat detection and prevention, risk mitigation, disaster recovery, and business continuity to enhance security and resilience of your business.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We will work with your team to analyze potential risks, create a thorough strategy to minimize them, develop a disaster recovery plan based on your business requirements, and support and manage its implementation.


Free IT Infrastructure Assessment

We offer a free IT infrastructure assessment. Gain valuable insight into your infrastructure and any security gaps, to empower you to make informed decisions around your security posture and areas for investment.


Free Initial Consultation

Receive an expert evaluation of existing infrastructure and security measures, receive customized recommendations for safeguarding data and your network, and obtain valuable advice on optimal strategies for your business.


Achieve Agility and Resilience,
so your Business can Prosper


Expert guidance in developing a holistic cloud strategy that meets your unique business requirements and priorities, identifying appropriate solutions and architectures, and ensuring optimal and cost-effective cloud adoption.


We strive to help businesses choose the most appropriate cloud-based services and configurations that are the most cost-effective and achieve your business requirements and priorities. We help set up, implement and manage these cloud-based services.


We offer continuous support and optimization for your cloud setup, conducting regular reviews, updates, and adjustments to ensure it aligns with your business requirements and remains at the forefront of technological advancements.


We help set up and implement cloud services and technologies. We work with your team to help streamline the migration process of applications, data, and services to the cloud, with the goal of reducing downtime and disruption.


We help you enhance productivity and efficiency by utilizing cloud technologies and services, optimizing workflows, automation, collaboration tools, and taking advantage of advanced cloud features, improving overall business performance and security. 

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