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Security for the Modern Workforce

The nature of work is evolving, and your security measures must also evolve to deal with increased surface areas of attack and the changing tactics of malicious players. Our security solutions help protect your business from cyber threats and enable employees to work securely in the office or remotely.  We also offer cybersecurity training for your staff so they remain vigilant.


Embrace the Future of Work with Confidence

Everleap provides 24/7 IT infrastructure vigilance, utilizing advanced monitoring tools to detect and address issues and regular system updates, backups, and efficiency enhancements.

Microsoft 365 Cloud Backup

Many businesses use Cloud Productivity suites like Microsoft 365. We offer services to seamlessly back up Outlook email, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, OneDrive, SharePoint, Groups, and Teams with unlimited storage and retention. The service includes military-grade encryption, an intuitive portal interface, and advanced search capabilities.


Google Workspace Backup

Many businesses use Google Workspace for their business productivity suite. With unlimited storage and retention, we offer comprehensive data protection for Google Workspace components, such as Gmail, attachments, Drive, Contacts, and Calendars. The service includes an intuitive portal, military-grade encryption, and advanced search functionality.


Enhanced Remote Work Security

As businesses adopt hybrid and remote work models, more vigilance is needed to ensure security. Everleap will work with you to boost your network security, implementing measures such as VPN access, multi-factor authentication, and password policies.


Cybersecurity Training

Your staff is the first line of defense for business security. Security Awareness Training provides guided education modules and phishing simulations and helps your staff know what to do when facing threats.


Securing Your Workforce
Your Potential


Cloud-Based Productivity Suite Protection

Many businesses are taking advantage of cloud-based productivity suites offered by Microsoft and Google. Increased reliance on these cloud-based services also means securing the data and content stored in the cloud is essential. Our Microsoft 365 and Google WorkSpace backup solution helps keep your important data backed up in the event of data loss.


User Education and Awareness

Continuous employee training and awareness initiatives help to tackle social engineering attacks. Through these programs, we educate your staff on the best cybersecurity practices to deal with potential threats and test themselves with simulated phishing attacks.


Enhanced Remote Work Security

Remote and hybrid work scenarios are safer through security measures, such as secure VPN access, smart password policies, and multi-factor authentication.

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