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Cybersecurity Services

Everleap offers round-the-clock cybersecurity solutions for IT infrastructure, leveraging cutting-edge monitoring technologies to identify and address potential risks and enhance business resilience in the event of a cyber-attack.


Protect your digital assets with Everleap Cybersecurity Services

Everleap provides 24/7 IT infrastructure vigilance, utilizing advanced monitoring tools to detect and address issues and regular system updates, backups, and efficiency enhancements.


Virus Malware Protection

Everleap continuously monitors your IT infrastructure and email for malicious viruses and malware. We make sure the Anti-virus is kept-up-to-date to detect new cyber threats.


Cyber Threat Detection

Advanced hackers can bypass traditional AV solutions. Everleap provides 24/7 threat monitoring to identify unusual behavior and potential security breaches, enabling prompt response and risk mitigation.


Managed Backup Solution

Everleap sets up and manages backup solutions for your infrastructure, email, and cloud productivity suites. We help retrieve data from your backup archives in case of data loss.


Ransomware Protection

Everleap helps monitor IT environments to identify ransomware attacks and detect early signs of malicious behaviour, preventing system disruption. Back up services help recover from any data loss events. 


Securing Data and Boosting Business Resilience


Safeguard your sensitive data and systems with our comprehensive protection against a wide range of cyber threats, such as ransomware.


Ensure data integrity and availability by implementing encryption, secure storage, and access controls, as well as comprehensive backups.


Protect your systems and data against unauthorized access, reducing the risk of data breaches, ensuring customer trust and minimize financial and legal repercussions.


Protect your company against cyber attacks and data breaches and boost business resilience for your business operations with disaster recovery and backup strategies.

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